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    Message from the President

    Designing adhesion technologies from the viewpoint of our clients

    Akie Wanibuchi, President

    Kyoritsu Chemical & Co., Ltd. was founded in 1957 as a trading company specializing in adhesive products.

    Since its foundation, we have enthusiastically strived for the creation of “client value” instead of just selling products, and have successfully evolved from a sales company to a manufacturer engaged in design, development and production.

    For the purpose of creating client value from our clients’ perspective and based on the keyword “adhesion,” we are presently offering technologies, qualities and services by building the new concept of “design” in the business field of interface chemistry.

    Thus, as a company “designing adhesion technologies from our clients’ perspective,” our mission is “to contribute to our clients’ profitability by creating client value.

    Based on our idea that what is essential for a company is sustainability, we will never stop taking on new challenges to expand our presence and contribute to the society.

    Akie Wanibuchi, President