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    Electrode protection

    The technology was applied to develop “moisture-related corrosion prevention coating materials” and “reinforcing materials for the compression bonding of FPCs (Flexible Printed Circuits).”

    High purity technology

    • By minimizing the concentration of impurities contained in resin, the ingredients contained in resin can be prevented from impacting the electrodes.

    Low moisture permeability technology

    • By reducing the moisture permeability of resin, this technology prevents the occurrence of corrosion and dendrite on the electrode surface even in a high humidity environment. This technology is also effective for the prevention of migration of substances such as silver.

    High adhesion technology

    • By preventing the intrusion of moisture into the surface boundary between the resin and electrode surface, this technology improves the surface boundary adhesiveness of both.

    Technology application example: Moisture prevention coating agent

    This product was developed as a sophisticated moisture prevention coating agent which is indispensable for the mass production of plasma displays by responding to the short takt time of the process and finer pitch of the electrode.