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    Optically Clear Resin: OCR

    The OCR (Optically Clear Resin) technology, which achieves high transparency, low strain and low stress, is also effective for reinforcing device structures, and prevention of dew condensation or admixture of foreign matter.

    High transparency technology

    • This technology realizes an extremely high optical transparency (99%).
    • The high optical transparency can be maintained even after the reliability test.
    • By bonding an LCD or OLED and a touch panel together, the visibility and display characteristics can be enhanced.

    Stress reduction technology

    • This technology was achieved by inhibiting cure shrinkage and promoting low elasticity of resin.
    • By applying low strain technology, the stress on the adherend is further reduced and irregularity is prevented from occurring on the display unit.
    • This technology is also effective for the prevention of warpage of the adherend.

    Technology application example: Optical elastomeric resin

    This optical elastomeric resin was developed as an optical functionality infill used for bonding the display surface and touch panel of a mobile device equipped with a capacitance touch panel, such as a Smartphone and tablet PC.

    技術適用事例:光學弾性樹脂 OCR