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    Shadow zone curing

    This technology promises the stable curing of shadow zones by responding to the need for “UV curing,” “binary liquid mixture curing” and “primer curing.”

    Catalyst curing technology

    • This technology realizes a curing reaction by mixing the agents A and B as well as irradiating UV rays. Even the shadow zones which are not exposed to UV rays are cured in a stable manner.
    • Even if the mixing ratio of the agents A and B is irregular, a rough mixture which enables curing may be effective.
    • In addition to curing by mixing the agents A and B, curing using the primer can be effective.
    • As it is possible to use the UV curing and catalyst curing concurrently, the material can be temporarily fixed by irradiating UV rays over its surface and then completely fixed by curing the shadow zone by catalyst curing.

    Technology application example: Binary liquid mixture adhesive

    This product can be used for components not easily subjected to light such as speakers and motors. This product is especially suitable for fixing wound coils.

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