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    High airtightness / low moisture permeability

    High airtightness and low moisture permeability technology is a highly reliable technology based on UV cured resin, which replaces the conventional solid heat sealant. It is characterized by high workability and low energetic load.

    High airtightness / low moisture permeability technology

    • This technology enables the provision of a functional resin characterized by extremely high airtightness.
    • Because of the low moisture permeability, moisture does not penetrate even in a high humidity environment.
    • As the amount of outgas of the resin is controlled to be extremely low, the gas generated due to the resin does not mix and high reliability is achieved.

    High heat resistance technology

    • This technology enables response to the reflow process using lead-free solder.
    • The high heat resistance is achieved without causing detachment even in a high temperature environment as high as 300oC.

    Workability enhancement technology

    • This technology maintains high workability while keeping shape retention properties appropriate for drawing the seal shape.
    • This technology can respond to adjustment of resin viscosity and workability appropriate for each customer’s environment.
    • This technology can also be used with a variety of package materials such as ceramics and engineering plastics.

    Technology application example: Airtightness sealant for image sensor packages

    This is used as the basic technology for airtightness sealants for packages and lit glasses of image sensors which are widely used for digital cameras, Web cameras, vehicle rear monitors, monitoring cameras, etc.

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