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    Optics / functionality

    A series of technologies appropriate for optical materials, such as permeability and refractive index control technology. Process response technologies including high durability technology and visible light curing technology are also available.

    Permeability / refractive index control technology

    • This technology enables optical materials to be bonded together.
    • It is possible to achieve a high visible light permeability of nearly 100%, and adjust the refractive index in accordance with the refractive index of the relevant material.

    Low strain technology

    • This technology responds to the bonding of large-bore lenses.
    • This is achieved by combining resin tenderization technology, shrinkage factor control technology, some specifications adjustment technology, etc.

    Appropriate process improvement technologies

    • These technologies improve work efficiency by reducing the process, etc., through the use of a variety of technologies including “rapid curing technology” which enables curing to be completed faster than the conventional UV cured resin and “visible light curing technology”. The latter allows materials to be cured by using light outside the UV wavelength range.
    • These technologies respond to the fixing of optical materials coated with optical functionality multilayer membrane which prevent UV rays from penetrating.

    Technology application example: A variety of adhesives used for the assembly of camera lenses

    These technologies are used for a variety of adhesives for the assembly of lens barrels, such as optical functionality resins for lens bonding.

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