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    Precise fixture / Hard-to-adhere materials

    This technology was developed by reviewing the main ingredients from the viewpoint of molecular structures and adopting newly synthesized raw materials.

    Precise fixture technology

    • This technology enables precise adjustment fixture of micron order, which is required for fixing light-emitting and light-sensitive elements such as Laser Diode and Photo Detector.
    • It ensures high fixture precision even under a high temperature environment due to the heat generated by LDs and reliability testing.
    • It can also prevent detachment and decline of precision due to impacts or vibrations.

    Captured hard-to-adhere materials technology

    • This technology is used for providing high adhesiveness for engineering plastics such as PPS and LCP, as well as metal materials.

    High durability technology

    • High resistance can be achieved even in environments subjected to strong light, as well as high temperatures, vibrations and impacts.

    Technology application example: A variety of adhesives for optical pick-up units

    These technologies are used for adjustment fixture adhesives for actuators and optical component adhesives for optical materials such as prisms and mirrors, in addition to the precise fixture resin used for fixing light-emitting and light-sensitive elements such as LDs and PDs.

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