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    Rapid curing technology

    Hardening techniques with short takt time through the use of UV rays

    Description of the video

    • Resin materials are bonded with slide glass. Resin materials with and without the rapid curing technique are hardened by UV rays to compare their hardening speeds.
    • Those with rapid curing technique are hardened in 0.3 seconds by LED: (365nm)170mW/cm2.

    Case examples of technology application: Optical elastomeric resin

    This is technology for every kind of process requiring reduction of takt time.

    This technology is often used not only for full adhesion but also temporary fixing.

    For example, in the field of mobile devices equipped with capacitive touch panels, such as smartphones, tablet PCs, etc., optical fillers have been commercialized which are used for bonding display surfaces to touch panels, and are widely accepted by a number of customers.

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