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    Low shrinkage technology

    The technology which controls the shrinkage rate of acrylic materials, whose hardening and shrinkage rate is believed to be significant, at approx. 1%.

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    • Resins are bonded with film materials. Those for which low-shrinkage technology has been adopted and others for which it has not been adopted are hardened with UV rays, and the effect of the difference in resin shrinkage properties is examined.

    Technology application examples:

    As acrylic UV hardening adhesive agents use radical polymerization, hardening and shrinkage rates are believed to be large.

    By applying this technology, no displacement will occur after bonding, and the deformation of bonded members is alleviated.

    For example, when bonding the cover glasses of smartphones or tablet PCs to LCDs, resin materials will shrink. However , display unevenness may be prevented by variation in the LCD’s GAP.

    Also, this technology has been widely adopted by customers who need to apply it to ensure process performance by fixing lenses or mirrors requiring positioning accuracy of PD, LD, etc., and adopting in-print techniques.

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