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    UV curable black resin

    This technology guarantees the hardening process through the use of UV rays, and may be applied to thick film materials in spite of being black in color.

    Description of the video

    • Resin is bonded with pieces of slide glass, hardened with UV rays, and its hardening condition is checked.
    • After that, the light shielding conditions of the two types of resin are compared by using the LED light of a smartphone.

    Case examples of technology application:

    Resin needs to be blackened for ensuring properties such as light shielding effects, reflection prevention, ornament coloring, etc.

    This technology allows 10-micron to millimeter orders of thickness to be hardened only by applying UV rays.

    This technology was designed for the purpose of ensuring properties such as visibility, light shielding effects and reflection prevention, etc., through the application of resin.

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