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    UV curable sticky technology

    Technology which allows adhesive tapes to be developed flexibly in shape.

    Adhesion methods have been diversified through a variety of process innovations, divisions, etc.

    Generally, the UV adhesion method is used to bond resin material between objects by delivering the radiation of UV rays. However, by using this technology, the resin material is applied to one side of an object and hardened in order to bond the object by applying pressure afterwards.

    For example, a punched double-sided tape is used to bond the backlight to the LCD of a display. However, a large quantity of tape is wasted and the work is becoming more difficult because of the refinement of shapes along with the trend toward bezel-less designs.

    By adopting this technology, there may be no wasted tape, and refined shapes may be easily bonded by application using a dispenser, etc.

    Description of the video

    • The adhesive is applied to the bonding area of slide glass by use of a dispenser, and it is hardened by delivering UV rays.
    • After that, the members are bonded by applying pressure.
    • The separator may be bonded to enable the bonding procedure in the subsequent process.

    Case examples of technology application:

    In case of bonding tapes, by dispensing or printing refined shapes, not only the takt time, but also the punch die design cost and the wastage due to loss may be reduced.

    By adopting this technology, transparency as well as light shielding effects through coloring may be added.

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