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    Stress reduction technology

    Technology for absorbing stress caused by bonded materials or an environmental test

    The major product is Optical Clear Resin whose elasticity is reduced by combining low-shrinkage technology and a rapid curing technique.

    By applying low strain technology, the stress on the adherend is further reduced, and irregularity is prevented from occurring on the display unit.
    This technology is also effective for preventing warp of the adherend.

    Description of the video

    • Falling ball test
      Left  : 2 plates of glass were bonded to each other with a frame tape.
      Right: 2 plates of glass were bonded to each other with resin using the stress reduction technology.
    • After the ball fell, the glass plates bonded with resin using the stress reduction technology were not crushed into pieces.
    • Subsequently, the falling egg test was conducted, and the egg which fell on the object using the stress reduction technology was not broken.

    Case examples of technology application:

    Commercialized as the optical functionality infill called “OCR,” which is used for bonding displays with touch panels or cover lenses

    The mobile devices were initially used for aircraft meters and eventually equipped with electrostatic capacitance touch panels such as smartphones, tablet PCs, etc.Nowadays, this is used in automobiles and the like.

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